Norwegian pattern design

Plesner Patterns is a Norwegian design studio offering custom designed patterns for interior and fashion. All the patterns can be printed on fabrics of different thicknesses and qualities, some of them are also available woven. Colour and size can be customized according your needs. Please see the “ready to order” patterns available. Custom designed patterns are made upon request. Wallpaper, foil and tiles can also be produced with the prints.

The designs are playful and colorful. The unique patterns are made with craftsmanship and manual methods, such as the use of ink, paint, paper etc., before they are transferred into digital files. This creates a distinctive expression that has a sense of time and "soul". Plesner Patterns want to offer something that consists of more layers and leave traces of a journey.

Brand patterns

Patterns that reflect corporate values and identity. If a company already has guidelines for developing identity elements, the pattern can be designed within these frameworks. This gives each customer a unique pattern that functions as a sophisticated extension of their visual identity. Particularly suitable for interior of offices, canteens and stores. The pattern works as an extension of the visual identity. It gives the brand a uniform and strong visual impact.

An Ode to grandmother Aslaug

The logo is based on the old family monogram, used as an Ode to Kiki Plesner-Löfroth’s grandmother who had an incredibly eye for interior combinations. The interiors she created together with different interior designers where both classic and daring. The home and cottage she left behind still has class and uniqueness, and is valid today as it was when created.