Pattern created for Löplabbet

Löplabbet’s stores sell professional runners shoes. The pattern is based on the logo and visual identity. The pattern works as an extension of the visual identity. It creates a uniform and strong visual impact and continuity. The curtains for the fitting rooms (as shown above) are made in a colour palette that harmonize with the black & white interior concept for the stores.



Pattern design for Equivs new store

Equiv is an Austrian jewellery brand creating unique and high quality products. This pattern is created especially for them. The facet-cut style is characteristic for their signature products. Using these shapes from the logo makes the brand present in a sophisticated and subtle way through out the shopping experience.

Pattern design for Treats Canteen

Visual identity and Brand Pattern designed for Treats AS. A work canteen serving high quality nordic food inspired by the seasons. Focuses on craftsmanship and local food close to nature. The visual identity is also ment to trigger the joy of looking forward to a lunch break. The visuals change with the seasons just as their local food is based on what’s available from nature each season.